7 thoughts on “Ex Commander 161 Inf BdeX

  1. Vishnu Chugani

    Hello Shomu, I am Vishnu Chugani from Agarwal Colony, Pune, India. My friend from New York forwarded your inquiry you made with Nitu Chugani to me. I have been settled in St. Thomas, U S Virgin Islands. I would like to know where you are and how to get in touch with you via email. Hope to hear from you!

    • Dear Vishnu
      What a delightful surprise–Wonderful to hear from you.–How can I ever forget all of you the Chugani family–Hira– Chandra -Duru–Mohan–yourself, Raja and there was one more cannot recollect his name. I retired from the armyin 1993 and back in Pune–stay at Atur Park –near Koregaon Park–shomu161@gmail.com–9323920998. If you and family do come to Pune DO COME AND STAY WITH US. I have two sons and three adopted daughters. The daughters stay in the US–one son in Singapore and the other in Mumbai. Remember those wonderful days in Agarwal Colony –Ram Sajanani -Gopal’s Brother is no more . He died very young. I am now into writing books –check with amazon for the book ‘Noting But! By Brigadier Samir Bhattacharya. How big is your family–Do keep in touch and stay blessed. Shomu

      • Victor Chugani

        Great hearing from you. My home phone (340)775-5089, mobile (340)690-0551. Can I call you on WhatsApp? What number.

        Regards, Vishnu


      • Victor Chugani

        Dear Shomu,

        I was away for couple weeks to Boston & Miami. Just got back home to St. Thomas yesterday. Please send me your regular land line and WhatsApp number. I tried calling on the numbers you sent me, however, it did not go thru. My email is victorchugani@gmail.com My younger brother Gulu from Hong Kong also was trying to call you. And my older brother Mohan wants to contact you. He lives in Atlanta with his family and two married children. Once I get in touch with you on the phone, I can give you all the whereabouts of our brothers.

        All the best and keep in touch, Vishnu


      • Dear Vishnu great to hear from you–My e-mail –shomu161@gmail.com–Mob 9323920998—7066070600 tks for your e-mail will write a long letter to you shortly–Wonderful to read about you and all your brothers all doing very well Last time I met Mohan was about 30 years ago in Pune–he treated me with some good Bloody Mary cocktail that he had prepared himself. I still remember that old house near Sachapir Street and your father’s shop near Babajaan Stay Blessed You and your family Shomu

        On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 2:00 AM shomu161wordpress.com wrote:


      • Dear Vishnu I was not only very thrilled but also very delighted to hear from a good long lost friend like you. I retired from the Indian army as a Brigadier General in Jan 1993 after getting my full pension and presently stay in Atur Park which is opposite Koregaon in Pune. My wife is a Bengali and an artist who keeps holding the exhibitions of her paintings at various places. After my retirement from the army I worked with an Italian Multinational till 2006. And thereafter started writing books, I have two sons–The elder one Shiraz has his own advertising company in Mumbai and his best friend is Vishal Dadlani the Music Director. He is married to a Sindhi lady–Shonali Nagrani who was a former Miss India in 2004. My younger son Siddhartha(Tojo) married a Maharashtrian. He is in Singapore as the Executive Director of the Japanese bank Nomura. We also have three adopted daughters in the US. They are all married –One to a South Indian-they are in Houston–one to a Sindhi in Miami–one to a Punjabi in San Francisco. The last time we visited all of them was in 2016. These girls were the daughters of a colleague of mine in the army and when both their parents passed while they were still in high school and college we decided to look after them Now that we are in Pune you all for old times sake come and stay with us.Our old house in Agarwal colony –the bungalow is no more–There are flats there now. It was there with my mother until she passed away in 1995. Gopal (Ram’s younger Brother) is also in Pune, I met him once. That too was a very big and nice family who came from Sind after partition. Remember attending Ram’s eldest sister marriage (Kalna)–then came Mohini–Gopi, Sati, Ram, Gopal, Pushpa, Bablu and Sheila. Remember that good looking girl called Koshu who we all used to line maro. Yes those were the days indeed. Do keep me posted with details about your family and all your brothers too, It’s a pity that all your three sisters are no more–Hira–Chandra and Duru.–They all died very young unfortunately. Stay Blessed all of you Shomu PS your email that you have sent seems to be incorrect –do check and send againt

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