My Epic Book Titled NOTHING BUT! –The first part of six part magnum opus subtitled ‘The Awakening’ published by Olympia Publishers, London is now in the market. It can be viewed at and also can be bought from Amazon books. The second par subtitled the long road to Freedom will also be out by the end of this month Dec 2013 and the remaining four parts by Jan-Mar 2014. the 3400 page epic book is a story of the very eventful and momentous 20th Century and it covers the period 1890-2002. It is a story of 8 families who were once very good friends and colleagues and their five generations who were once very close friends and colleagues and how circumstances beyond their control separated them and one became the other’s enemy. The focus of the book is the much disputed old Princely state of Kashmir and which even today and even after 66 years has remained a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. It is a truthful account of the history of the Indian Subcontinent in particular and the world in general during the eventful 20th Century and ends up with a tragic love story between a Muslim Army Officer and a Hindu Bengali girl who belong to the fourth generation. The aim of writing this big book was primarily to convey to our children and grand children and their children the truthful history and how much their fathers and forefathers had to sacrifice in the shaping of their respective nations.